“Make a plan, make God laugh.”

I had all the intentions in the world to write a creative piece this weekend. It was going to be all about the class, Working with Crystals, I had attended. The Universe had different plans for me. I had an impromptu visit from a new friend and a sharp heating sensation growing in my chest. The visit was enjoyable, but the fire started to burn like razor blades in my throat. Morphing into the Flu and complete body exhaustion.

Still having the narrative in my head about writing the anticipated post. I felt frustrated and defeated. I could not physically muster up the strength to write and express what I wanted to say. After trying to force a post out of my system, a horrible nights sleep and a doctors visit. I came to the humbling realization, to once again accept my physical limitations and perfectly-Imperfect Humanness.

As much as I want to write posts daily, the Cosmos are saying slow down and more will be revealed. Maybe a new direction, or maybe to realign my writing with the Authenticity of my Soul. Who knows, whatever it may be, Im putting my Ego in check. Slowing down, being patient and taking time to heal. Lastly, throwing all my expectations of what I think is suppose to happen… out the window and Surrendering, once again, to the Divine plans of the Universe.

Love, A Story of Transcendence

As I sat on my living room floor, crossed-legged, ready to enter a meditation practice. I did not expect the entrancing experience I was about to encounter. It was the first of January this year, I had been practicing sitting in silence for just over four years. I started the routine shortly after resigning substances with intoxicating potencies. My Meditation journey began with repeating single words in my head, starting with “Love.” Lying in my bed, at the Treatment Centre, I would repeat “Love, Love, Love…” My mind would naturally escape to some absurd story. The beginners battle with the Ego mind. That day however, I started to really focus in on my breath. Focusing became more natural at this point. As I got lost in the inhalation and exhalation of my breaths, my mind went blank. I Transcended above my physical body, still connected with a stream of consciousness. Being separate, but still very much apart. My complete Awareness coming from my Higher Self. I was solely looking at Me from the perspective of my Higher Self. An absolute speculation that I was Whole. A Divine creation. The Ego mind then kicked in. Thinking about thinking. Thinking about what was happening. I sunk back into my physical shell. Exalted by the experience I had just witnessed. I felt like I had finally done “It.”I’ve tried many times to replicate that same occurance and have not succeeded. To some, this might sound unsettling and to others Hopeful. For myself, I crave more. Meditation is a practice and a journey. Each sitting and the evolution of those singular sittings, all strung together. There is never a destination. Theres only more deepening , more connecting. Softening of our Hearts. Its the journey of remembering what we truly are, Love.


Today I woke up with an electric current running through my veins. With the Sun entering Aries at 2:58 and the Spring Equinox also taking place, the lively Energy had me buzzing. Entering the realms of anxiety, I was feeling intoxicated by the new dawn of Spring and Aries energy. To top it all off with even more excitement, The Full SuperMoon was to bloom in Libra at 6:43.

Around mid-day, my head was in a complete spin. I took a few minutes to sit in silence. During the meditation it came clear to me, I was being called to Gaia, to realign my Inner Divinity. I listened to a Root Chakra composition, of soothing instrumentals, then headed to the park. There I sat in the grass, with my feet on the ground. The warm blanket of Spring all around me. I felt rooted in Her again.

During Sunset I went on a walk, to end the day. I said “thanks” to Luna for all she does. While walking, I kept looking up at her. Admiring and acknowledging Her Beauty and Wholeness. Appearing extra bold, She illuminated the night sky with her Super presence. Being softened by each breath of the first Spring night air. I ended the evening Grounded and Balanced in true Libra Essence.


With the Spring Equinox happening this Wednesday, I have coincidentally been witnessing spiritual flowers budding in my own life. I’ve created an artistic outlet for myself, which I had been crafting in my mind for many moons now. I’m stepping out of my Cancerian shell, making new connections, but also feeling confident with my own Independence. Additionally, loosing the grips of those crab claws with old mental patterns and repressing beliefs.

With this last Full SuperMoon of the year, also happening during the Equinox, I hope it lightens up the inners of your world. So you too can look at what is no longer serving you and what you’ve been longing to manifest into this world. When I finally got Sober in 2014, a quote by Anais Nin, that really resonated with me was “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Let this Spring Equinox and last SuperMoon of the year, be the birth of your deepest desires. Let’s all take these first steps towards a Shift, with Courage and Faith, together. Love you all, Its time to Bloom.

Awakening Shakti.

Yesterday I met the powerful Feminine Energy that is Shakti. I attended a small intimate women’s circle, with the intention to find inspiration to create and establish more connections. We danced, we chanted, we shared, supported and bathed ourselves in loving vibrations. It was a journey of nourishment for the Women’s soul. An individual and collective awakening of Her Universal Energy Force (Shakti). The Tea Lounge, where the ceremony was held, welcomed you with homemade Chia and sweet little cocoa-maca balls.

Once we finished the savoury goodies we moved into the second room where the ritual began. Being exclusive and sacred I won’t share too much detail. I will however share my favourite keep sake of the day and mental picture. We all sat in a circle holding our hands in a Moodra over our Heart Space. The facilitator guided us through a Divine Chant, she kept count with her beaded Mala. We repeated the Mantra 108 times, delicately, she strung each wooden bead along keeping us on track. The collective of our voices emanating a vibration that could hum you to sleep and awakened your soul to dance all at once.

The event was polished off with a one hour Sound Bath. We all relaxed in Shavasna while the fullness of sounds and vibrations washed over us. Waking refreshed and serene we were gifted a Nourished Women swag bag filled with handcrafted souvenirs and a gratitude letter. This experience left me feeling inspired by Women, Spirit, Gaia and my own Inner Divinity. I would highly recommend this Ceremony to other women interested in awakening and embodying the powerful Feminine Energy of Shakti within herself.

Contact Abneet Sanhar (Holistic Nutritionist + Chef + Feminine Embodiment Coach) to take part in Ceremonies such as “Awakening Shakti” and other nourishing rituals.

Saturn Return.

“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”
Anais Nin


There has been some extraordinary changes to my inner and outer essence since I’ve turned 27. Saturn moved into the sign of Capricorn on December 21st 2017, marking my first Saturn Return. During this time I have transitioned from Maiden to Mother and broken through the fear of God. I have reconnected with the Infinite and Loving Divinity of the Universe, along with my Shamanic Ancestry.

Opposing the exhilaration and bliss of this time, I have cold heartily had to look at my reoccurring self defeating patterns and behaviours, once again. Consequently, making bold changes and having to reconstruct my values and belief system. Ive experienced loneliness on levels most individuals would not encounter, but better yet confront. Thus far, the anointment Saturn has poured over me with Maturity, has been the most internally rewarding time of my life.

I am looking forward to finishing off this cosmic cycle during my 29th birthday. Just like all cycles, when the end is near and a new beginning will present itself. The Universe will never leave you empty handed, especially on your journey of evolving your Inner Divinity. 29 will be a Master year for me (2+9=11). Eleven, twenty-two and thirty-three are all Master Numbers. I am hoping it will be the supporting catalyst I am looking for, bring me closer to my Purpose within the Healing Arts. Please leave a comment about your own personal experience, or feel free to inquiry about your own Saturn Return inquests.

I take steps in the dark, holding the hand of Faith, as I  work through my shadows. It Continually brings me closer to my Home – which is Love.


  1. a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.
  1. another term for mystical.

The adventure begins, I have been yearning to start a blog for a few years now and it has finally manifested itself. Outwardly I am a full-time Mother and part-time student, Inwardly I am a Mystic and a Artist. I have always had a deep longing to illustrate my experiences and wisdom with the world, but have always been quite introverted.

Since I was a kid I’ve been overly imaginative and preoccupied with daydreaming. Ive had a rebel soul since I can remember, and it really emerged as a teenager. I found mood and mind altering potions that took me out of reality and into my fantasies at a younger age. Only to find sorrow and hardship at the bottom of the rabbit hole. I have since then treated my emptiness with modern mysticism and other types of fitting treatment.

After enduring my own “dark night of the soul” and coming out the other side, I want to support others on their alike life adversities. That is my inspiration to start the blog, that, and my burning desire to create. My intention is to stimulate you spiritually and encourage you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Comments and feedback are appreciated and encouraged. My goal is to connect with others 1:1 at some point down the road. But for now, every journey needs a first step. So welcome and thanks for joining me.