I’m yearning for The Veil to be pierced .

I’m yearning for connection back in communities.

I’m yearning for Freedom without boarders.

I’m yearning for time to slow down.

I’m yearning for separation to be Oneness.

I’m yearning for corruption to be exposed.

I’m yearning for Truth to be spoken.

I’m yearning for pure leaders and change!

I’m yearning for Mother Earth to Heal.

I’m yearning for A New World to be born.

The Spirit of Plants.

All plants are Teachers and Healers.

They’re our medicine and Support for our journey Home.

Respect their natural strength and clever potencies.

Dance to their Wisdom and their musical harmonies with the wind.

Admire their intrinsic Beauty, that can shift any mood.

Let them Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul.

They’re constantly Calling you, accept this Offer of Love.

Water your relationship with them and Rejoice in your Heart with their endless Loving vines all around you.

For this is, The Spirit of Plants.


The Vacation.

Being must be felt. It cannot be thought. – Eckart Tolle

There were many accounts in which my Heart fell out this week. Once physically, in a Dream of course and a handful of other times Emotionally. I studied Dream interpretation till I found the answer that best resonated with the vision. Your Heart falling out in your Dream represents your emotional attachments to others. After my research scratched the lining of my stomach with a knot full of truth, I knew there was work to be done. I searched for answers.

An Elder from my tribe of Wild Women, said I am willfully putting my Heart on the chopping block. Getting chopped away, with all my expectations. My expectations for support and fulfillment with things outside of myself. Chopping and slicing away at my Spiritual talent. She directed me to the work of Eckart Tolle, I chose “The Power of Now” to be my first leap into studying his work.

Listening to the first chapter, of “The Power of Now”, catapulted me into the most breathtaking journey. I travelled down my throat into my chest cavity. My Awareness of ‘Being’ shifted and I was now was Present from my Heart space. I travelled from my head to my Heart, The Vacation I had been longing for. It was quiet down there, cozy and quite warm. All though, like most experiences of this nature, as soon as the Ego kicked in… I jumped back to the chatter in my skull.

I had heard of the journey form your head to your Heart many times in 12 step meetings, but had never truly understood it till now. This experience has changed me. I am now actively regaining “Being” from my Heart Centre, rather then my head. It takes a Conscience effort, but I’m sure this is how we are all naturally Born. This is the “Way of Being” through “Feeling.” Like Eckart explains in his book.

Additionally, I craved a larger audience for my Blog, but this only took my focus away from my writing and Heart Feeling/ Being. It really took away from my Souls Work. In hindsight my expectations for others never panned out, the Universe had better plans. THIS was part of the plan. Another Humbling week it has been. I have come to conclusion I don’t know what is best for me…my perceived “defeats”, always lead to my Surrender and though Surrendering I am Free once again.

For My Sweetie.

Clean and Sober, with a Pure Soul.
But lustful and a Beggar for Sweet Honey.

Sweetie, please comfort my pain.
That deep cavity in my chest called loneliness, because sometimes it aches.

I would rather hold a liquorish rope in hand, then the hand of a fool.
Sugar cane to replace the absence of Romantic Sweetness in my life.

Tooth pang, over a rotten Conscience and a put-on Romeo.
When all is quiet and all is still, I know I can’t go on like this.

But I’d rather be patience and stay hopeful, then jump for a Bore.
So a hit of chocolate for now, because I know my Worth and Value mean more.

Soul on Fire.

My heart fell out like a large chunk of un-seared Ahi Tuna, but only momentarily. 
I then quickly remembered, only I can save myself.
I stitched the open wound up and embodied the madness of the World.
I turned into a Savage, I had heat to expose the lies. 
The dreams they sold you, with lies they slandered. 
The New World has no room for dead fish and chopping blocks.
We will not accept payment for a piece of your Soul.
Remember YOU are the prize, not the dreams they’re selling you.
Today I woke up with my Soul on fire.

Art by Denise Copland “All at Sea – Fish Food 1”

Jealousy, Our Hearts Desires.

Why do we have ill feelings towards the person we are jealous of? When in fact it is us betraying Ourselves. Its is us denying our Souls of what we really want and what the other person already has. We are lacking action to achieve our ambitions, we are silencing our Souls Call.

When we feel jealous, this is a flag sent from our Hearts Desires, waving us down. That person has what I want and I’m not letting myself have it. It is only us who holds ourselves back and it is the journey from our head to the Heart that is the hardest. But if you can endure the ride, it will be the journey most worth travelling.

If “A peaceful mind gives life to the body, but jealousy rots the bones.” (Proverbs 14:30) Then we are simply rotting away, not acting on our Hearts Desires. Instead of wrath towards another, who already has what we want, why not gratitude? After all, they’re your best teacher. They’re showing you, you are deceiving yourself. You are robbing yourself of your true potential.

You are meant to lose yourself on the journey, but don’t give up on yourself in the process. Remember we are all in this together, guiding each other home. we are all One, we are all Love at our core.


Bear Spirit Is My Animal Medicine.

I’ve ran into a handful of Bears in my adult life. Real Bears. A few of which have been uncomfortably close and my life has flashed before my eyes. Being in the presence of a Bear shakes me to my core. It wakes me up from my hibernation and reminds me to choose life again. Energetically speaking, I have never felt such powerful and grounding Energy emanate from another living Being.

After doing some research as to why I am such a “Bear Magnet,” which I was called during my time in Jasper Alberta, I have found the Bear to be my Spirit Animal. My personal Animal Medicine. My Bear encounters were signifying a new chapter of personal growth, towards Independence and a mere reflection of my own Inner Divinity. The Power within, I was afraid to tap into and unleash.

While crossing paths, with my Bears, my natural instincts have kicked in. Fight or Flight. Ive always picked Flight. Regardless of the suggestions not to run. Just as my reaction to run from the Bears, Ive had to learn to not run from my own Power. Embodying this Strong Grounding Energy myself has taken Practice and Devotion. Self Healing practices, such as Meditation, have taught me to sit with it instead of run.

My Animal Medicine has woken me up to be a Leader, an Energy Shifter and a Strong Independent Mother Bear. I am sitting with my Power and working towards Co-Creating my Dreams. My Soul will not be satisfied unless I do. What Desires are you Manifesting with your Divine Power? What Animal is crossing your path and reminding your Soul of its true potential once again.

A tool to guide you Home.

“A healer is not someone you go to for healing, a healer is someone who triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.” – unknown

I believe we are all Intuitive Beings and we all have the ability to Self Heal. This is something we can accept in our minds, but don’t always believe in our hearts. I was a trying Believer for years. I constantly heard things like “all the answers are within you.” Which I knew was true, but couldn’t fully connect with the stream of answers and guidance from within, that I had known about.

It never occurred to me that this struggle was caused by me defeating myself, ignoring myself. I was constantly distracting myself with outside noise and chaos. It wasn’t until I started to detox my outer world, Inner wellbeing and take time out of my day to sit in silence, I started to realize the Voice was always there. I was just not listening. Meditation is my favourite Self Healing tool and self care routine. It’s where I can Reconnect, Realign and tap into the Creative Stream of Consciousness the Universe has to offer you.

I cannot talk enough about how this Practice has increased the quality of my life. I want to encourage everyone to try sitting in silence, even if its just for one day or even one week. If you have tried in the past and felt lost or unsure you were doing it “right”. I have a helpful tool I would like to share with you.  Its an app called “insight timer.” It’s a free app you can get on your phone, with guided meditations and so much more. This is a great way to start your meditation journey. I hope this tool can help assist you on your adventure back home, to your inner voice, your Inner Divinity.


I am a Peach.

Being a Peach makes me feel fuzzy on the outside because I’m forevermore surrounded with unconditional Love from my “Surrogate Family.”

Being a Peach fills my life with the sweet nectar of Sisterhood and bonds with Wild Women alike.

Being a peach means I have a solid foundation layered with Honesty, Open Mindedness and Willingness at my Innermost core.

Being a Peach means you ooze Kindness and Nourishment for those around you.

I’ve realized I am the Love I needed all along, now life is juicy.

I am a Peach.

Dedicated to a very special place.

Graphic Design by Lauren B Careful

“I am a Peach.” short film

We Are Rainbows.

Like the Skys Multi coloured prism, we are Multidimensional Beings.

Our different Moods like colours, representing all the different layers to our Wholeness.

Colours so intrinsically blended, yet separate and for everyone to see.

We cannot hide the colours we do not like of ourselves. For we are Perfect in our makeup.

God reflects our Beauty back to us, through the elements of nature.

Can’t you see you are Perfect.

You are a rainbow.