Age of The Circus.

Behind the gate, the carnival looked lively and merry. Upon entering, It smelt sour.

It was easy to get lost between the gaps of the boisterous games and shows. Especially if your spine was as coiled as the colorful swirled candy prizes.

Some even disappeared and camouflaged into the scenery of carnies and the sticky cement ash ground, never to be seen again.

I, on the other hand, was straight and narrow.

I Stuck out like a tack, popping the balloons of whoever’s eyeballs dared to stare too long.

My brain temporarily melted into a mushy bubblegum as I walked through the chaos of adolescence Mimes and the overgrowth of Siamese twins.

I saw an exit sign and my drum skipped a beat.

My Soul yearned for a way out, almost as soon as I had re-entered the flames of hell again. My feet stuck to the vomit and sugar cane on the ground, I couldn’t move.

My life flashed before my eyes. I knew he would eat me alive, if I didn’t leave immediately.

The Sun was setting and everyone knows the ring leader comes out to play at dusk. He eats the flesh of the sleek and fresh.

I grabbed the bottle of hard and dumped it on my feet. It melted the glue away and my drum did a double beat.

I ran fast and jumped over the fence. On the patch of prickly sharp grass I laid awaken by the pokes.

There I promised myself, to never lick the temptations of the circus haste again.

The Lioness Claims Her Roar.

Sometimes she would roar and nothing would come out.

She hid parts of herself in the shadows for too long. In fear, she was not enough. Soft enough, feminine enough and likable. In her darkest days she even feared she was unlovable.

Her conditioning put a choke hold on her.

She repressed her anger and fury for years. Consequently, alongside the rage, her passionate and courageous side was also stuffed away. 

Sometimes she would roar and her own voice would scare her.

She learned as a young cub, to remain calm and quiet around other lions. As it was more comforting and easier for others to digest.

“Please, don’t be bold and truthful to thyself. Why can’t you be like everyone else, I’m worried about you.” They would say.

Though today was one of those miraculous days when enough was enough.

But where do I start?

Where do I go?

Who won’t I be anymore?

Who will I lose? On this journey into the portal of new heights! I so desperately long for.

The lionesses mind habitually swirled with self-defeating and fearful thoughts.

She tried to roar again, this time it didn’t shake her.

“The weights of your sleepiness and boring mind games are the shackles to my future.” I will have to tell them.

“Harsh.” you will say.

But why should I live one more day a slave to your comforts! When down to my deepest core and marrow I ache to be free of your approval. She thought to herself, as she projected her future battles in her mind’s eye.

She suddenly burst out loud “It is not your fault or mine, who made these made up rules, but it is my responsibility to claim my roar!” 

She knew to be courageous she would have to be vulnerable. She knew to be raw, to be real is to be brave.

This time she claimed her roar.


I want to lead the pack, she thought to herself.

She then made a promise to herself she would not have the ties of others beliefs and values pin her down anymore. Alongside with her dreams being woven into the facade of societal feminine norms stop her from leading the pack home any longer.

“Today I am breaking free! Love me or hate me, I don’t care anymore, I choose me.” she roared.

She then fiercely led the pack home. Inspiring other lost Lioness to find and claim their unique roar. Cubs eyes sparked as they watched their Mothers and Sisters dance and roar to their new found freedom.

One cub whispered to another ” I hope one day, I can be that brave too.”

Watercolour “Lioness” by Sonia V

Dance in Freedom.

It can seem like there’s a hard side and a soft side to life. The ying and the yang, although, opposite sides to the same coin. I’ve tried to solely live in the soft, which in the long run, hardened me. You can’t run from life, it will always catch up to you and the farther you run the louder it will get. Throughout my short journey here, i’ve learned you can’t avoid one side or the other. The sweet nectar of life and magic has been savoured through acceptance of both. Also in knowing the duality has a purpose for now.

I dance in freedom, when I wash away the labels of good and bad. What are you labeling as right or wrong in your life? Is it hindering you from just Being? We can experience freedom through accepting with gratitude, that all is happening for our greatest good, whether we understand it or not. Always trust this and more will always be revealed.

When we become too sharp, too rigid, too square we cut off the flow of the Universe and the Divine plan. When we try to fit in a box we are lying to ourselves, that we are different and separate. The truth is, your power lies in knowing you are always connected to everything. Everything that is and will always be, at all times. One day we will all wake up to the fact that I am you and you are me, we are Love. I want a new way of living and I know you do too, so lets dance.

The Raw Womyn Revolution.

The new Archetype of Womyn is currently being embodied into existence. She is fierce and she is feminine. She is organic. She bares her flaws her natural curves. The truth she glows is repelling the past shackles women once grew fond of.

She’s cracking Societal norms as she grows her hair long to show her womanly maturity. Her scent of ambition and fierce sweat frightens the ones in charge.

Bare nails, bare faces, no masks. Customary men shake in fear of her. As they grab at any last strings to withhold her body as theirs, criminalizing her free will. But this does not frighten the Raw Womyn, for it only makes the Lioness in her grow stronger.

She has the Universe on her side and speaks only with her Heart. She follows no one. She is the leader, directing other women back home. Home to their unique and divine energetic signature, illuminating their God given effortless Beauty and Grace.

The time is Now, behold the Raw Womyn Revolution.

Free Bird.

she flew through the shattered glass of her expectations. Each lover plucking at the wings of her essence.

As she healed, she dreamt of falling into the warmth of soft sweet grass.

Flying over the meadows of wild flowers, she danced in the wind, as the cool air breathed her.

Floral fields reminding her It is not their decision, but her own desire, as to which landing the free bird shall choose next.

Pure Magic.

Do you question your gifts.
doubt your strengths.
Woe over your losses.
forget you’re pure magic.

That what we focus on, grows.
Focus on your heart.
Rather than your head.
Play with alchemy, you’re an alchemist.

Forget what they taught you.
In the school of academia.
For this is the school of life.
A cultivation far more important.

Listen to your intuition.
Follow your heart.
Let your soul dance.
Use your free will.

Stop questioning yourself.
I told you, you are magic.
Love yourself, Be a rebel.
In this world of madness.





Feet For Thought.

I just want to waste my day away, staring at my feet.

All the groves and swirls. The calluses built up over years.

Just thinking about all the places they have taken me. The grounds they have touched.

With all their wrinkles and the roughness. Now dry and discoloured.

My dear friends, we go everywhere together. Thank you for all your loveliness.