A Night With Oprah Winfrey.

The Night I saw Oprah Winfrey was one of the most magical and uplifting nights of my life. I got to see her closing night of her tour, for her most recent book “The Path Made Clear.” The show was two hours long. She spoke the whole two hours with inspiring words and wisdom. She shared her experience of finding and living her path and purpose in life.

To my complete surprise, Eckart Tolle was the guest speaker and it was remarkable to see in the flesh the man with no Ego. I’m not kidding you, he has no ego. Oprah even made a joke about his initials being “E.T” which does not joke, he is an extraterrestrial being. He spoke for about 15-20 minutes and it was such a blessing to see not one, but two of the greatest teachers from our time, on the same night.

There were a few moments during Oprah’s performance which I could not help myself, but to jot down some notes. In hopes, the messages would inspire others and I would love to share those with you now. Here they go as followed:

“The thing you most often didn’t get [growing up] is the thing you can most often give” [to others] -on your purpose

Focus on how can you serve. Ask yourself how can you use your power to serve.

What is your intention? Is your intention pure?

“Do what you have to do till you can do what you want to do”

Don’t betray yourself.

To explained and deepen a little more into each of those points. I would like to say the first one is that of a parable from the bible. Life is full of contradictions as I explained in my last post “beautiful little contradictions.” Oprah went on to explain that she lacked so much connection and love growing up, especially from her Mother. All though that is what she gravitated to share with the world, through her purpose and path. Love and connection. Something rang true for me when I heard this, just as our struggles and lessons turn into our gifts and blessings for the world.

I loved how she was sharing the message about service and using your intention to serve. Your value is always in how many people you can serve. Don’t forget that. I think that wraps into what is your intention? Is your intention to serve your Ego? or to serve others? You will not get far or last long if it is for your Ego. Let your light lead you.

When she said “Do what you have to do till you can do what you want to do”it was one of those things I didn’t want to hear but needed to hear. So often I want what I want and I want it now. But this is not how the Universe/spirit/source works. Actually, “time” works in our favor because it gives us a grace period to work out or goals and make adjustments as to what we want. If we got everything we wanted to manifest in a split second the world would be 1000 times more chaotic then it already is! So this was a good reminder and some good Oprah wisdom I needed to hear. She shared this was true for her when she was working as a news anchor. She knew it was not what she wanted to do, but it gave her the skills and a starting point to star on her show later in life.

Lastly, DON’T BETRAY YOURSELF. This goes with all areas of your life. But certainly with your Purpose and path. Don’t dim your light to make others comfortable. The story Oprah shared on this message was when she had to set boundaries with her family. She could not stand any longer having to see her sexual abusers at family functions as the rest of her family carried on as nothing had happened. She went along with it for far too long and that voice inside her said enough is enough. Don’t betray yourself! Live in your truth!

“Forgiveness is giving up hope that the past could have been any different.”

Art by Vix Harris.

Beautiful little Contradictions.

Within the web of our makeup

we cross paths with our layers

New and Old

we create contradictions

With the old and new

Evolving, involves crossing those paths

creating new strings to tie and grow

we are a web of beautiful little contradictions all tied into one.

Never doubt your validity because of your contradictions

you are simply outgrowing the old and expanding to the new

Sowing the new path into the space unknown takes courage

Courage is more favorable than stale ideas and beliefs

Weave your web with diamonds that sparkle

That shine your highest truest self, for all to see

Be the You, You were meant to be, in all you do

I see me and you see you, in all we do

For we are connected in the larger web

The web of Life, the web of Consciousness

From the same light, from the sparkle, of that diamond

From the same flow and space 

We are all made of beautiful little contradictions from the ever-evolving 





29 Lessons.

  1. Fairness is not equality
  2. You have to feel it, to heal it
  3. Your body is your Souls temple
  4. The best way to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise 
  5. Exercising looks different for everyone 
  6. Never get gym membership. You won’t go as much as you did the first three times, if ever again. 
  7. Love them all, trust a few
  8. Jealousy is your hearts desires
  9. Sitting in silence is mandatory 
  10. You are your greatest teacher
  11. Be here now
  12. Time does not exist
  13. Children are smarter than adults
  14. Magic happens in the flow
  15. You can have anything you put your mind to, you create your reality.
  16. Gratitude amplifies abundance
  17. Self-centredness is the core of addiction 
  18. We are one
  19. Everything is energy
  20. Balance is beautiful 
  21. You are the company you keep
  22. You are perfect the way you are
  23. Everything happens in divine timing
  24. Mindfulness is the key to enjoying life how it was intended 
  25. It’s not so much about learning new things, as it is about forgetting old habits
  26. Plants are teachers and healers
  27. You have to heal your past lives, still in this life
  28. Stress kills (number one offender for dis-ease)
  29. you chose your parents
  30. You also chose this reincarnation for a certain purpose and experience. So let’s stop complaining and start to enjoy it!

When Past Lives Dance.

Maria sat crossed-legged on the floor, upon her Turkish rug.

She asked Spirit to relieve her of her poor mood and feelings.

Her right hand over her heart, holding her pink rose stone.

She hoped to fall in love with her passionate side again.

She sat in silence after her prayer.

The earth and her cares began to melt away.

In a trance, she started to hear Arabic music playing.

Something about the handed skinned drums and copper bells that made her remember her past life as a gypsy dancer.

Her other hand started to twirl over her head, like that of a belly dancer.

She put the stone down and lit her sage wrapped in all colorful strings.

As the smoke cleansed the room, she danced through the magical sent of dried trees and flowers.

The dance routine from her past life flowed through her veins and bones.

She felt alive, she felt free. She felt her passion once again.

Her hair was loose and flew around, like the silk sun on a summer day.

The gypsy dancer smiled and thanked The Universe for her blessing and remembering.

Flutes, bells, and bongos softened as she fell back to Earth.

She grinned because she was not worried. She knew the music would again.

All she had to do was play her tune and remember she was more than just Maria.

She was many lives twirled, spun and danced into one.

Today she awoke The Gypsy Dancer in her soul, from another life.

The Yang Side To My Heart.

The storms of life, much like many, have hardened me in ways. Sometimes I twist too much into the Masculine to bear it all. Still, I respect the wisdom this has taught me.

I respect the Divine Masculine in all its forms, for without it where would the order and realism in life be?

Today I honor the Yang side of my Heart. Within myself, my Father and my Son.

Thank you, Father, for keeping me connected to this earth. Even though I want to dance among the stars day after day. You remind me of my Earthly duties. You pull me through when things get hard and I want to float away into the chaos and softness all too easy.

Thank you to my son. For you are the true Sun. The one who deepens and nourishes my roots back into Mother Earth daily. Long live your Strength. Long live your Courage.

Long live the Divine Masculine in you, me, and everything we know.

Letter to Peterson.

Dear Mr. Jordan Peterson,

In your current published literature, 12 Rules for Life, I have found my past self been spoken of far too often. As if the book was written for me and about me. I was the lobster that would back away from a fight, a low bottom feeder number one and an agoraphobic depressed person. All though to date, the current ranking has changed and now a more domineering lobster winning against battle, your words have immensely strung on my heartstrings. How could all my unanswered questions about anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia go unanswered through years of professional evaluation and therapies, be answered in one short chapter? It is if the words of God have been placed at your fingertips for the typing and production of this book, quite like the new age Bible if you will. I couldn’t help myself but to playback the tapes of being agoraphobic and the insanities it traps you within the walls of your home and mind. Living the desperation and existential thoughts and behaviors of a number one type of person may haunt my memory forever. On the contrary, I do feel a large amount of responsibility and passion, due to those experiences, to help others lift their ranking as well. Especially those who have been attacked and attracted to the narcissists and sociopaths, do to their low levels of serotonin. I agree with your theories, philosophies, and proposal for a new way of living. The way forward is to make our lives sacred again. Just like much of the teachings of the Ying and the yang, to balance both our Worldly duties and the laws of the Universe in our daily reality. Additionally, rather than the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of radical acceptance for all that is not of our control and putting a foot forward in action to change what we can at any given moment. Be bold and unapologetic in all that we do, with morals and bravery. Lastly, global and social change starts with individuals taking responsibility for their actions. It is not our responsibility for the bad things that happen to us, but our responsibility to change our reactions to them. Will we let the bad things that happened to us keep us as the lobster that continually back away from life? Or will we take responsibility for our ranking and set forth the change needed, because the truth is no one else will. I look forward to the second rule for living. Thank you for your teaching “Stand up straight with your shoulders back.”


An Onslaught of Insects.

They came to me like insects drawn to a light bulb,
all in search of the same enlightenment

I knew the moment I heard their pleas, their powdered wings could not weather the storm

When the storm would hit, all their precious layers would melt to the ground

Back into the snub and rebuke of their true skeletons

The dust of their transparent wings were all too soft and all too fragile

For the journey that must be travelled, is through the eye of the needle

I smiled and nodded to their selfish disorders

I let them fly free, dimming my light momentarily

For I knew what was needed to be said was from Above and these Holy words could not be translated into a sermon for insects

They flew away, in hopes to suck the lifeblood of another lustrous star

Never knowing they had a light within them, buried too deep among the thick sludge of their own demons

Suzy and The Sunflowers.

Suzy was sad and everyone on the block called her “Sad Suzy.”

Suzy wanted a garden, like the prize homes down the street, more than anything in the world. So, she cut back and dig up all the previous growth, on her front lawn. She planted some seedlings from a packet with a picture of a flower that made her feel hope. She waited until the buds finally opened.

“This is not what I had in mind.” She said. As she looked from above the pink blooms.

So she cut them all down and started again. This time she sowed some seeds from a packet with a picture that made her feel happy.

Over time the flowers bloomed into Sunflowers. Suzy stared at them in frustration. They did not bring her the anticipated feeling of happiness she was so longing for, so she cut them down.

Sad Suzy was depressed and frustrated that her flowers did not turn out how she liked and that her garden was looking worse than ever. She melted to the ground sopping in her own tears and yelled:

“I fucking give up!”

Suzy gave up on her dreams. No more perfect garden, like the picture-perfect homes down the street. No more garden at all.

As time passed wildflowers started to creep around the front of the house, from the unkempt gardens from the side of her home. Uncounted for seeds started to bloom. sunflowers and pink peonies in unorganized patterns.

Passer Byers began to stop and admire the beautiful mess of floral patches. One man from the street said, “pink and yellow together, that’s a bit peculiar and I like it!”

Suzy had been so focused on her losses. She had not even realized the whimsical array of floral decorations, that had bloomed on their own accord, in front of her home.

One day Suzy was looking out the window and spotted some neighbors, pointing and talking about her garden, on the sidewalk.

She turned red in embarrassment and fury and closed the blinds. In her rage, she decided she was going to burn the house down.

She grabbed gasoline from the basement and stormed up to the front of the house.

When she walked down the front steps and turned the corner of the stoops, to finally face her failures. She dropped the can of gasoline. Covered her mouth and grasped.

She could not believe what lay in front of her. The most spectacular sight of sunflowers, peonies, Daisy’s and lavender twisted together. Delicately Coddling the front of her house with grace.

Suzy broke down crying, she has never seen anything so beautiful.

Suzy’s heart burst with happiness and hope for the first time ever.

Her neighbor yelled over the fence “beautiful sunflowers what is your secret” She replied under her breath and tears “Give up your dreams.”

She believed from that point on there was magic on earth and the flowers loved her, even if she couldn’t Love herself.

A R T by Lauren B Careful

A Cosmic Conspiracy.

Had I of known the picture I chose was done by an artist with your same last name.

Would then make me ponder our past.

Which would then lead me to write that poem about our downfall

Would then manifest you back into my reality.

I would have chosen a different picture.

But I pray that the picture was placed right in front of me, by a cosmic force.

A Cosmic Conspiracy, for the unfinished atonement.