About me

Maggie is an emerging author, a loving mother, a modern mystic and an online spiritual mentor and women’s empowerment coach.

Her biggest accomplishment is the inner soul work she has done for the past decade, which has transformed her from a party girl to an amazing mother, author and coach. She now holds gratitude and excitement in her heart for life and interconnectedness to everything that is. 

She has conquered many fears and has gone after her dreams. She has left a career and education path that she knew was not aligned to dive into the world of online coaching. It took work, but she can now say she does not wait for anyone’s permission to follow her heart. She has a new sense of freedom in trusting herself and the Universe which she wants to share with the world.

Maggie is extremely advanced emotionally, spiritually and in her maturity. She can connect with all age groups and persons of different backgrounds. Her experiences from relationships, mental health, spiritual and personal development make her relatable to all challenges concerning the soul and spirit. 

Her drive, self-motivation and determination to find solutions quickly combined with her deep understanding of how the material and spiritual world operate and flow, make her the best at what she does.

She is most passionate about all things mystical. Learning new tips and tricks in the realm of self-growth and mindset. She is passionate about her meditation practice, writing and trying new plant-based foods. She is forever in awe of the wisdom of nature and looks forward to learning more about astrology.

What makes Maggie stand out is her interpersonal skills and ability to treat everyone like a friend. Her solution-based mindset and quick thinking. Her past adversities including alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and an eating disorder have made her the compassionate leader she is today.

Nothing satisfies her more than to seek knowledge and wisdom of enlightenment and to share it with other women. She believes it is so crucial to bring sacredness back into our lives and the education of the divine feminine power, so we can begin to heal our planet. 

She knows how it feels to hurt so bad you don’t want to live and knows there must be more to life than working at a job you hate, buying mediocre things and having unfulfilling relationships just to get by.

Maggie works 1:1 with clients and most of her work is based online. She uses video chat and email correspondence. She has personalized worksheets with audio clips. Booklists and educational handpicked videos and meditations for her clients.

After enduring her own Dark Night of the Soul and come out the other side, she has found a new sense of freedom and purpose. A way of life that must be shared with the world. 

She believes you are your own saviour and we all have the power within us to start living the life of our dreams. 

Clients will get to experience her drive to make things happen quickly and her fearless spirit in going after what she wants unapologetically. 

If you are seeking a new sense of freedom and purpose, book a free 30-minute discovery call with Maggie today.