The Comeback

I drank the medicine of her kind words
I realized I was missing a piece
Caring for everyone needs but my own
Walking on eggshells, holding it all in
I lost myself like sand through my fingers

Her words made me burst
My eyes clouded with oceans
And rivers ran down my cheeks
The darkness I was harbouring churning in my stomach

How did I get here?
how did I get this far from myself
I thought I was fine

I can’t sit in muck for long
My soul knows where to bring me to shelter me from the chaos and harshness
Where I can relax and take it all in

I remain on eggshells as I hold it all in to protect my sacred vision for myself
It’s not their fault, I tell myself
They don’t know they deep down harbour wrath against me and my vision

My rebirth is happening
The rebirth after the birth
When you realize, you too have work left to do
You too, Mama, have an inner child that needs caring for

I’m shedding my unwanted layers
Tossing away your garbage I’ve carried for years
I’m done with what was, its time for my comeback.

October The Third Two Thousand & Fourteen.

I now choose to give my own unconditional loving acceptance to myself, just as I am, right now.

With all my fears, hidden fears and hopelessness and as I choose to fully receive my total loving acceptance for myself, honestly and truly.

I willing and gladly open all parts of me, with these fears and hopelessness for release completely to Gods loving limitless healing light.

Death: A Cyclical Ending & A New Beginning​

Before I dove into the depths of numerology and other mystical teachings I feared the signs of death. Also since now understanding, we are cyclical beings, forever experiencing a rebirth and death process, I celebrate the death of my cycles.

Today I am five years clean and sober and have experienced the signs of a cycle ending for the last few days. It started with a spray-painted grim reaper on a train I spotted and caught a film of two days ago. All though eery in nature, he was only passing by and was the first representation of ending a chapter.

Yesterday, while under the presence of the full moon I enjoyed a tarot reading for my sign, in which the death card presented itself. In tarot, the Death card simply symbolizes an ending of a cycle and or suffering of some sort, implying a new beginning is just around the corner.

Later that night, just before I went to bed, I kicked over my laundry bucket. Thinking to myself what does that mean again? I looked it up and It said: “to die.” At first, being shocked but then realizing my gut felt good and my heart felt full. Then it all clicked! These were all signs a cycle was ending. I did a little jump for joy and celebrated the ending of suffering.

Getting to five years clean I have endured many forms of suffering and have risen above all challenges presented to me. I am a scary strong, fierce and strong-willed I have learnt, a true force to be reckoned with.

After my little dance in celebration, I went to bed. Waking up to my 5 years today felt amazing and all though I wasn’t seeing fives. I was being shown 999.

9 is the last single digit, symbolizing the ending. 999 represents a cycle of completion. I giggled as I saw 999 on my radio and a license plate and thanked the Universe for the confirmation. I can feel it in every cell of my body, a new beginning is just around the corner and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

Birth of a Frog

The labour pains of realizations of what could be and what will never be have been felt by most lately, as the Aquarius moon lit up all the rubbage stored away in the crooks and crannies of our lives. When the moon lights up fully it illuminates the darkness and leads a light further into our soul and deepest desires. It lights a path for our future, if we are brave enough and remembers to keep breathing through the labour pains of our creative indevours.

The light of the moon was a symbol and reminder of the light in me. I was pushed harder yesterday into sudden labour of F.R.O.G. The reminder to fully rely on God. That no human being can be the one to make my dreams come true, to fully support me and cherish me as I wish to be cherished. This is a job for the mystical and magical and support of The Universe, my God. The birthing of a frog feels disgusting and awful. Your limits are pushed to the maximum depths of frustration, tears and into ultimate Surrender.

Maybe you have birthed more than one F.R.O.G in your life, I know I have. What a humbling experience to reflect on the forgetfulness of our human brains. But also the beauty in our forgive fullness to ourselves if we allow it. To fully rely on God, is where I feel most aligned and powerful. To know I am at the mercy of the laws of the Universe and so deeply and uncomprehensible loved by Cosmic Energy, is where I like to reside within myself. Let this be a reminder to breathe through the pains and give into the transformation that is about to happen, steadfast through the surrender process and remember to fully rely on God.

Anxiety Ridden to Anxiety​ Rid-of

I use to be the most anxious anxiety-ridden person I have ever met and or heard of. If you talk to anyone who knew me as a teenager or during my early recovery process, they will without a doubt say the same thing. As I started to take personal responsibility for my own life, my terrible “mental illness” has dissipated. In retrospect, I’ve realized for myself, as the drugs began to detox from my body, that it was more of an energetic illness than a mental illness. Energetically I was not aligned with my true self and the root cause of that was a closure of my throat chakra.

I have come to learn that my anxiety was a direct response to my inability to speak my truth and fear of confrontation. I found myself in places with people doing things I hated for years. I do not think this is a unique situation and the only reason I am speaking out about it is I believe it could bring awareness to others suffering from anxiety as well.

I hated school, I knew the structure was corrupt and the information was useless but the only people I could find who believed me were the “misfits.” I didn’t even want to be friends with the “bad kids,” but I found it was the only way I could find some validation for my intuitive thoughts and feelings about the world at large. I didn’t like cheating, stealing and lying, but I did love the drugs. I loved the elated feeling of euphoria, it was the closest to God I could get. But doing bad things and doing drugs gave me even more anxiety.

Like I mentioned before my throat chakra was closed “af,” my communication was also terrible. I would choke on my words of truth like I was saying the worst swear word in the world. It was like that for years, really until I started the blog, found some other modern mystics I could get totally get real with via the internet and prayers answered. I then knew I wasn’t crazy, but I was waking and was a wounded healer.

Clearing my throat chakra has been some of the hardest work I have ever done, if not the hardest. But the most rewarding and biggest catalyst to growth and expansion than any drug or retreat could ever do and I did it all by myself. This is not to say I didn’t do extensive work with counsellors, therapists and healers. But ultimately they were just guides and I was the one who did the work.

When I started doing the work by taking full responsibility for my healing and stopped putting myself in energetic places with the wrong people and things, everything started to shift. This has taken just over 4 years to do. That’s not to say Mental health is not to be taken lightly, it is very serious and is a scientific physical matter along with a spiritual one. Both must be considered while healing.

I can’t help you with the physical aspects of your mental health, that is for a professional, but I can help you with your Spiritual Healing. If you would like to start work on finding your voice, in order to start sharing your message please don’t hesitate to contact me. I want to know what’s holding you back? What do you want to share with the world? Seriously, I want to help you come out of the spiritual closet and step into your power.

I’d Rather Dance Alone

I’m coming to accept that I’m different. I like to walk the straight and narrow. I like the challenge, I like the rewards. I like levelling up and meeting new people in new dimensions of life. I want to live like the 5% and think like them too. I’d rather be brave, than cool in this world.

I want to be a leader and I realize that in order to make a difference, not everyone is going to like you. People don’t like change, it scares them. Change excites me. As a visionary, I see this world being a Utopia one day and I don’t care if you think I’m crazy. It’s my mission, with this vision, to change fear into Love.

I use to hold back from coming out of the spiritual closet because I thought people would think I’m crazy, now I realize we are all crazy. I have compassion for people who watch the news and live in fear and never attempt to master their dreams. To the ones who call spirituality woo woo. God either is or isn’t. It’s your loss in fear, not mine, I’m not taking it personally anymore.

I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t watch horror movies, I don’t put my kid on social media, I eat organic, I don’t have casual hookups, I also don’t have a lot of friends or followers. I’m different and I like it.

The straight and narrow is the life for me. Like I said I’d rather be brave than cool and there’s a value in being disliked, it means your authentic. You see, I would just rather dance alone, then play pretend any longer.

Expansion: The New World of Business & Money

“The forces of expansion are at work at every moment, within the universe and our souls. We are merely mini universes within a galaxy of shooting stars and thunderstorms. Let change rock us to our deepest core, let it light our hearts on fire again.”- Maggie a Modern Mystic

For quite some time now I have been looking for a “career” that I love, I mean who isn’t. I’ve been searching for a purpose and a way to make money doing something I love. But more than often getting lost in other people’s dreams, beliefs and expectations. Since doing some work, prayer and meditation I have jumped into the most beautiful flow of education, service and path of purpose. I’ve found a love for business, I’ve found a new love for the online world and the magic that is “digital marketing.”

I can’t tell you how good it feels to have finally felt like I have hit the nail on the head and walked into what I now call “flow.” Flow feels like silk air is around your and warmth is emanating from your chest cavity. Its like time melts away and you are no longer dragging your feet to the old sounds of “tiredness.” On a call with one of my coaches I remembering her saying “flow is somewhere in the middle of anxiety and boredom.” That’s just exactly it and it feels amazing.

I have crossed the threshold into the world and wonders of what is called “digital marketing.” Never in my wildest dreams would I think “business” would be interesting to me. That’s of course because I thought business was evil, I thought money was Evil. I had a story I was telling myself, that money was the root of Evil. Now with my new understanding, I realize that belief is the same as saying “energy is evil.” With most things in life, it comes down to perception and a person can only understand from their level of consciousness and perception.

There’s also an old world and a new world when it comes to business. The old and outdated thinking about career and business is to focus on making money and working hard. Now with exponential proven facts and living examples, I have come to believe this is furthest from the truth. The new world and way of business are about doing what you love, serving others, solving problems for an exchange of money. Just look at some names like Oprah Winfrey and Gary V, millionaires that thrive off this soulful way of doing business.

A book I recently read that breaks this down in plain English is the book “The go-giver” here are mentioned the 5 laws to stratospheric success:

  1. Value: Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.
  2. Compensation: Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
  3. Influence: Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.
  4. Authenticity: The most valuable gift you have is to offer yourself.
  5. Receptivity: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

What this comes down to is a change in mindset In terms of financial success, your income is solely based on how many people’s problems you can solve. If you are focusing on solely making money, you are operating from a place of fear, rather than Love. If this is you, I strongly encourage you to start looking at your belief and value system when it comes down to money and career. Deeply looking at these has drastically changed my like in a very short amount of time.

Now that I have stepped into my power and flow I want no less than for everyone else to feel this magic for themselves. The new skills I’m learning, on one of the top digital marketing online institutes, is helping me share my message with the world and assist others in doing the same. I’m learning how to share the message and not the mess. I’m learning about impacting people’s lives, changing their ways of thinking when it comes to business and money.

Additionally, I get to wake up every morning excited to jump out of bed and do what I love while serving others and solving people’s problems. I can’t wait to share more about this journey with you beautiful people and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, liking and sharing all my posts to date. If you would like to hear more about my entrepreneurial story click here.


Her head swirls with overwhelming thoughts of new creative endeavors.
Her mind like that of Vishnus’ arms, clawing at new ideas.
She is after all a creator and a lover.
She’s a multidimensional and multi-passionate Being.
However, scattered and lost, but always blessed.
She finds a wise woman kind enough to guide her back home.
The wise women reminding her how simple it all really is.
She then let’s go and feels the calm.
The flow enters her Heart once again.
Her Soul at ease, she can retreat back home to her passion and to Love.

The Quickening.

We live in a time, when a click equals clutter.

Over-full inboxs, over-full thoughts & smokey hazes on the horizon.

Time swirls like a hurricane as we survive like machines.

The Quickening stops for no thing.

In this time of madness, how do we carry on with eyes wide shut?

Dear sacredness, help, time is spinning us out.