My top 5 personal & spiritual development books for beginners:

  1. Searching for purpose & meaning? don’t know where to start? This is my recommendation. In this easy to read coffee table book, Oprah interviews all the top mystics, thought leaders and spiritual devotes. She lays out a step by step outline to map out your path to purpose with pure intention to serve and Be a channel for Love on the planet.

2. Astrology geek book for beginners! This book is actually just too much fun. It has a write up for each day of the year, in detail including tarot, elements, missions and more for each day. Every person that comes to my house is always drawn to this book and can’t believe how accurate it is. Honestly, you have to check this book out, it will blow your mind.

3. Had I known of this book while starting my spiritual journey, things would have made ALOT more sense to me. This is the ultimate guide to building your loving relationship with the Universe. Gabrielle breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand and practical. This can be used as a beginner’s guide to manifesting your hearts’ desires as well.

4. A great book for a beginner that is planning to start a spiritual soul-based business. This book opens your mind to making a shift from money to service. It’s honestly shifted my whole perspective on business, service & money. It gives ALL the tips, within a story, on how to make money without focusing on the money. This book is a MUST.

5. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to start looking at their value & belief system. This book is hilarious & a super light way of looking at some intense sh*t. If you’re not so into the spiritual stuff (yet) and more into psychology start here!