The Comeback

I drank the medicine of her kind words
I realized I was missing a piece
Caring for everyone needs but my own
Walking on eggshells, holding it all in
I lost myself like sand through my fingers

Her words made me burst
My eyes clouded with oceans
And rivers ran down my cheeks
The darkness I was harbouring churning in my stomach

How did I get here?
how did I get this far from myself
I thought I was fine

I can’t sit in muck for long
My soul knows where to bring me to shelter me from the chaos and harshness
Where I can relax and take it all in

I remain on eggshells as I hold it all in to protect my sacred vision for myself
It’s not their fault, I tell myself
They don’t know they deep down harbour wrath against me and my vision

My rebirth is happening
The rebirth after the birth
When you realize, you too have work left to do
You too, Mama, have an inner child that needs caring for

I’m shedding my unwanted layers
Tossing away your garbage I’ve carried for years
I’m done with what was, its time for my comeback.

For My Sweetie.

Clean and Sober, with a Pure Soul.
But lustful and a Beggar for Sweet Honey.

Sweetie, please comfort my pain.
That deep cavity in my chest called loneliness, because sometimes it aches.

I would rather hold a liquorish rope in hand, then the hand of a fool.
Sugar cane to replace the absence of Romantic Sweetness in my life.

Tooth pang, over a rotten Conscience and a put-on Romeo.
When all is quiet and all is still, I know I can’t go on like this.

But I’d rather be patience and stay hopeful, then jump for a Bore.
So a hit of chocolate for now, because I know my Worth and Value mean more.

Soul on Fire.

My heart fell out like a large chunk of un-seared Ahi Tuna, but only momentarily. 
I then quickly remembered, only I can save myself.
I stitched the open wound up and embodied the madness of the World.
I turned into a Savage, I had heat to expose the lies. 
The dreams they sold you, with lies they slandered. 
The New World has no room for dead fish and chopping blocks.
We will not accept payment for a piece of your Soul.
Remember YOU are the prize, not the dreams they’re selling you.
Today I woke up with my Soul on fire.

Art by Denise Copland “All at Sea – Fish Food 1”

I am a Peach.

Being a Peach makes me feel fuzzy on the outside because I’m forevermore surrounded with unconditional Love from my “Surrogate Family.”

Being a Peach fills my life with the sweet nectar of Sisterhood and bonds with Wild Women alike.

Being a peach means I have a solid foundation layered with Honesty, Open Mindedness and Willingness at my Innermost core.

Being a Peach means you ooze Kindness and Nourishment for those around you.

I’ve realized I am the Love I needed all along, now life is juicy.

I am a Peach.

Dedicated to a very special place.

Graphic Design by Lauren B Careful

“I am a Peach.” short film

We Are Rainbows.

Like the Skys Multi coloured prism, we are Multidimensional Beings.

Our different Moods like colours, representing all the different layers to our Wholeness.

Colours so intrinsically blended, yet separate and for everyone to see.

We cannot hide the colours we do not like of ourselves. For we are Perfect in our makeup.

God reflects our Beauty back to us, through the elements of nature.

Can’t you see you are Perfect.

You are a rainbow.