Mamas get ready to step into your power and start living A high vibe life.

I am currently offering my signature program “Self-Love is The New Selfish.” Using my own “You & The Universe” Method. With all the spiritual and practical work to get you on track to living a high vibe life, crushing your goals and chasing our dreams.

Mama’s I truly believe – if you can dream it, you can do it and you are so worth it!

Let me guess you scroll through Instagram after your kid(s) go to sleep wondering what the hells my tribe, I am lonely AF.

Don’t worry I’ve totally been there. So – believe me when I say it’s a lot easier with a coach and a bunch of other amazing other women on your side also when you’re the way to creating that high vibe life of your dreams.

Trust me, you need the balance of both the woo and the work to start levelling up! I see you Mama and I feel ya.

right now you’re all about…

  • Trying to please everyone but yourself and constantly worrying if you’re doing a good enough job and those tarot cards and crystals you once adored are gathering dust.
  • You are exhausted AF, never get a full night’s rest and don’t even understand how some moms even have time to blow dry their hair, let alone wear a matching outfit and put on make-up.
  • You scroll through Instagram daily (in two-minute intervals) comparing yourself to other Mom’s thinking “must be nice.”
  • That little monster called Anger keeps popping up and sometimes turns into bouts of depression. I get it – you feel like you never got the chance to really do the things you wanted and now it all seems SO impossible.
  • And quite frankly you feel a little ripped off because no one told you actually how lonely and challenging motherhood really is. Am I right or am I right?

Imagine this instead…

You wake up to your morning routine (before the kids are up.) Get all the spiritual work in, like the meditation, journaling. Then Catch up on your social media or work on that book you’ve been wanting to start forever! 

Recharged and excited to take on the day cause you feel high vibe and aligned. You’re now ready to take on whatever curveball the universe, or your kids, have to throw at you! 

You leave the house with actual flats on and what?! mascara and your hair down. 

You intuitively know how to deal with situations that use to ruin your whole day like forgetting the diapers at home and let that shit go. Oh and hey! The person in front of you at Starbucks even pays for your drink. 

You go about through your day with ease and start to notice that even the kids are happier and you’re actually enjoying playing trucks for half n hour. 

Later that night you make your goddess bath with candles, crystals and lavender and then you put on your Ralph Lauren pyjamas and go to bed after you revisit and cross of your goals and read your newest personal development book. 

Cause if I can do it, you can do it!

It’s time for you to put the focus back on you and step into the next level version of yourself!

Cause like I said, If I can do it, so can you. Not too long ago…

I was so lonely, overeating, living in tights and baggy shirts and going to mom groups I hated. I thought this can’t be it, this is not what I signed up for. 

I knew I still had so many dreams and goals I wanted to achieve and It wouldn’t be fair to let my child be the reason I wasn’t living up to them. 

So I hired a coach and started to learn all the energy and practical work I needed to level the eff up. 

My whole world started to totally shift for the better. Despite the “selfish” judgement that goes with a Mom starting to spend time on herself, I started to become the complete opposite. 

By investing in myself and telling the freakin universe I AM WORTH IT!

I started to become an energetic match for new friends, opportunities and free Starbucks.

Hey! and I even started to be a much more cool, calm and collected mother. Even my kid started to change, this is when I realized I have to share this with other moms.

Within half a year I’ve started a blog, got a publishing contract, having an amazing community of moms online and entrepreneurial women that I know support me and have my back. I’ve lost 15 pounds, I blowdry my hair and even curl or straighten it LOL, have time to do makeup, meditate, have a daily smoothy, play trains 100 times a day and have even started my own business!

And I don’t want to rub it in but…there’s truly so much more! And yes, people keep paying for my drink at Starbucks. This is all because I did the work to get there and now I want to show you how I got there!

So now its time to put the focus back on you. What do you really want? 

What are your goals and desires, or can you even remember what you like to do for fun? I talk to ALOT of Moms and what I hear mostly is they don’t even know what they want out of life anymore and they feel no sense of community. That story is about to change.

Introducing my 12-week program “Self-Love is the new selfish” Over the next 12 weeks we are:

  • Getting clear on your hopes, dreams and goals
  • Walking through whatever big challenge you need to overcome
  • Making a game plan to achieve your heartfelt desires
  • Changing the direction of your life from victim to victorious
  • Changing the stories you keep hearing in your head
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries, ask and accept help
  • Letting go of what no longer serves you (people, places & things)
  • Becoming your own saviour.
  • Connecting with other high-vibe ambitious mamas (trust me they’re out there!)
  • Deepening your spiritual connection with yourself & the universe.
  • Becoming free of negative energy blocks
  • Letting go of the resentments that have been holding you back 
  • Planning out your ideal schedule
  • Cultivating a daily practice
  • Creating self-love rituals 


For investment price please contact me via e-mail (on my contact page)

What’s included in the investment:

  • 8 high-vibe 1:1 coaching calls 
  • check-ins via facebook & unlimited communication via e-mail
  • My personal book List & access to life-changing documentaries
  • Personalized worksheets
  • A new community of inspiring Mama’s 
  • Personalized 5-year big vision goals & plan
  • Guaranteed confidence and new spiritual connection
  • personalized daily practice
  • The embodiment of your next level self

 If you can dream it, you can do it.